EVN Continuum Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to introduce you to VLBI data reduction in CASA. We shall be using a European VLBI Network observation of 5 bright radio sources. We will introduce the CASA environment and touch upon the visualization, calibration and imaging capabilities available along with the scripting methods so that you can create your own calibration scripts for your own data.

Important: You must have CASA version 6.3 or above! The tutorial will not work properly with lower versions.

Testing your CASA installation

Before we start, we would like to ensure that your CASA installation is working adequately (thus reducing any further issues down the line). We have therefore compiled a few tests using a small data set. Please do these first before progressing with this workshop.

You can download the data and the accompanying document which describes the tests you should conduct using the buttons below.

Data Download

This tutorial requires around 20 GB of space so make sure you have enough room. The download links for each part are found below. Part 1 of this workshop should generate the $uv$ data for parts 2 and 3 so you just need to download the scripts. However, it may be necessary to use partially calibrated data if something goes wrong. These are provided below also.

This tutorial is split into three parts. Use the hyperlinks below to get the the relevant section.

If you want to do the old CASA version 5 version of the tutorial, use the following links.