Asymmetric Planetary Nebulae V

20-25 June 2010, Bowness-on-Windermere

PDFs of poster submissions

Communicating Author Title
1. Katrina Exter Herschel study of PNe
2. Javier Alcolea First Herschel/HiFi results from post-AGB sources
3. Javier Alcolea The COSAS survey I: first results from the IRAM mapping survey of 12CO J=1-0 and J=2-1 emission in AGB and early post-AGB circumstellar envelopes
4. Olga Suarez Water fountains and H2O-PNe as seen by VISIR
5.Fonda Day H2O Masers in the Pre-planetary Nebula IRAS 18043-2116
6. Koji Murakawa The asymmetric bipolar nebula IRAS 16342-3814
7. Tijl Verhoelst On the sphericity of the dark dust structure in water fountain sources
8. A.E. Ruiz-Velasco Circumstellar Envelopes of OH/IR stars
9. Indra Bains OH masers in post-AGB stars: evolutionary indicators & tracers of magnetic fields
10. S. Ramstedt The circumstellar dust distribution around AGB stars with the NOT/PolCor instrument
11. Patrick Huggins The Shapes of AGB Circumstellar Envelopes
12. Raghvendra Sahai Young planetary nebulae: Hubble Space Telescope imaging and a new morphological classification system
13. Raghvendra Sahai Sculpting a Bipolar Preplanetary
14. Kieran Forde Probing Collimated Outflows from Post-AGB Stars with H2
15. Philippe Bendjoya A new tool for Post-AGB SED classification
16. Simon Weston A lack of post-AGB stars in the Galactic Halo?
17. Roberto Costa Physical parameters and chemical abundances in bipolar PNe
18. Angela Speck Can Dust and Molecules Explain the Sulfur Anomaly in Planetary Nebulae?
19. Iain McDonald Rusty old stars: a source of the missing interstellar iron
20. Lizette Guzman Ramirez Dual dust planetary nebulae in the Galactic Bulge
21. Miriam Pena The planetary nebula luminosity function in NGC300
22. Quentin Parker PHR1315-6555: a bipolar Type I planetary nebula in the compact Hyades-age open cluster ESO 96-SC04
23. Bruce Balick Watching Planetary Nebulae Grow with HST
24.Cezary Szyszka Expansion in the Planetary Nebula NGC 6302
25. Marcelo Leal-Ferreira 2D_Neb package: A new tool for calculating physical and chemical maps of planetary nebulae
26. Kerry Hebden Chemical evolution in NGC 6302
27. Christer Sandin On the chemical composition of the metal-poor planetary nebula PNG135.9+55.9
28. Christophe Morisset TS01, an asymmetric planetary nebula with two ionizing stars
29. Christer Sandin The role of thermal conduction in WR-type Planetary Nebulae
30. Rodolfo Montez Jr. Pushing the Envelope: X-rays and PN Shaping
31. Wolfgang Steffen The changes of shapes due to non-homologous expansion in PNe
32. Wolfgang Steffen SHAPE 2010
33. Leonid Georgiev Can rotating stars shape the planetary nebulae?
34. Mariusz Gromadzki Nature of light variations in the symbiotic binary V417 Cen
35. Silvia Torres-Peimbert Search for variability in the kinematics of the ionized circumstellar region of M2-9
36. Augustin Skopal Asymmetric ejection of jets from the symbiotic prototype Z Andromedae
37. Roger Wesson The evolution of the nebula surrounding V458 Vulpeculae, a post double common-envelope nova
38. Matej Sekeras Diagnostic of the symbiotic nebula by Thomson scattering
39. Zuzana Carikova Probing the symbiotic nebulae by the multicolour photometry
40. P.R. Wood Emission lines and variability in Magellanic Cloud post-AGB star candidates
41. Anabel Arrieta High resolution spectroscopy of NGC7009
42. Celia Fierro The planetary nebula NGC7009 and its central star
43. Marc Ziegler UV Spectroscopy of the Exciting Star of the Planetary Nebula A35
44. Silvia Dalnodar The Halo of NGC 2438 revisited
45. Felix Friederich On the 3d structures of the planetary nebula Abell 43
46.Cezary Szyszka Cloudy 3D approach to 3D spectroscopy of PN M 2-4
47. Ma. T. Garcia-Diaz Dissecting the complex bipolar planetary nebula Hb 5
48. K. Gesicki The asymmetric nebula M 3-15
49. Neil Vaytet High-speed knots in the hourglass shaped planetary nebula Hubble 12
50. M. Lloyd Understanding the Etched Hourglass Nebula - MyCn 18
51. Mikako Matsuura Structure of H2 molecular knots in the Helix and Dumbbell Nebulae
52. Stefan Kimeswenger Ionization and Recombination Timescale and the Impact on the Analysis of the PNe of VLTP progenitors
53. Thomas Rauch Search for mass-ejections from late He-shell flash stars
54.Kate Su The Nature of the Infrared Excess around WD0950+139
55. Nico Koning Morphology of the Red Rectangle Proto-Planetary Nebula
56. Stacey N. Bright Aftermath of a merger: The geometry of dust around R Coronae Borealis stars
57. Maxwell Moe Population synthesis of galactic PN from strong binary interactions
58. Brent Miszalski Dense circumstellar nebulae in wide binary central stars
59. David Jones Using SuperWASP to find binary PN central stars
60. David Jones Spatio-kinematic modelling of Abell 65, a double-shelled PN with a close-binary central star
61. Amy Tyndall HaTr 4 - A Kinematical Study
62. Christer Sandin Integral field spectroscopy data reduction made easy with p3d
63. Letizia Stanghellini Disclosing the morphology of compact Galactic planetary nebulae