Cosmic Maser Group: Recent Publications



    VLBA observations of SiO masers towards Mira variable stars
    Cotton, W. D.; Mennesson, B.; Diamond, P. J.; Perrin, G.; Coudé du Foresto, V.; Chagnon, G.; van Langevelde, H. J.; Ridgway, S.; Waters, R.; Vlemmings, W.; Morel, S.; Traub, W.; Carleton, N.; Lacasse, M.
    Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2004, 414, 275.



    Near infrared coronagraph images of IRC +10216. Faint structures at 1-5arcsec from the central star
    Murakawa, K., Tamura, M., Suto, H., Itoh, Y., Hayashi, S. S., Oasa, Y., Nakajima, Y., Kaifu, N., Yates, J. A., Gledhill, T. M., Richards, A. M. S., Hough, J. H., Kosugi, G., Usuda, T.
    A&A, 2002, 395, L9


    A Blind H I Survey of the M81 Group
    Boyce, P. J., Minchin, R. F., Kilborn, V. A., Disney, M. J., Lang, R. H., Jordan, C. A., Grossi, M., Lyne, A. G., Cohen, R. J., Morison, I. M., Phillipps, S.
    ApJ, 2001, 560, L127.
    Bipolar outflows in OH/IR stars
    Zijlstra, Albert A., Chapman, J. M., te Lintel Hekkert, P., Likkel, L., Comeron, F., Norris, R. P., Molster, F. J., Cohen, R. J.
    MNRAS, 2001, 322, 280.



    A geometric distance to the galaxy NGC4258 from orbital motions in a nuclear gas disk
    Herrnstein, J.R., Moran, J.M., Greenhill, L.J., Diamond, P.J., Inoue, M., Nakai, N., Miyoshi, M., Henkel, C., Riess, A.,
    Nature, 1999, 400, 539


    Coexisting conical bipolar and equatorial outflows from a high-mass protostar
    Greenhill, L.J., Gwinn, C.R., Schwartz, C., Moran, J.M., Diamond, P.J.,
    Nature, 1998, 396, 650
    VLBA Polarization Observations of the J=7/2, 13.4 GHz OH Maser of W3(OH)
    Baudry, A., Diamond, P.J.,
    A & A, 1998, 331, 697


    A Masing Hale-Bopp.
    Ogley, R.N., Richards, A.M.S. & Spencer, R.E.,
    Astron. & Geophys., 1997, 38, 22-23.
    A starburst origin of the OH-megamaser emission from the galaxy Arp220.
    Skinner, C.J., Smith, H.A., Sturm, E., Barlow, M.J., Cohen, R.J. & Stacey, G.,
    Nature, 1997, 386, 472-473.
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