3C 48


Basic Data
S178 Alpha FR Class ID Spectrum Best z mag. LAS lg P178 D
60.00.59ISB+? QSO0.367V = 16.2 0.9227.10 3.8


Size: 0.6 × 0.5 arcsec²
LUT: Linear
Beam: 0.006 arcsec
Frequency: 1662 MHz
Method: VTESS ՘>0.006
Telescope: VLBI
Credits: Wilkinson et al (1991)

3C 48 was one of the first two quasars to be discovered. It is sometimes classified as an N-galaxy because the host galaxy is relatively bright, just visible on the Palomar Sky Survey.

The core is the faint compact peak at the southern end of the structure.

This image does not show the full large-scale structure of 3C 48. The halo surrounding the jet is visible in our C20 image.

R. C. Walker and D. Briggs have recently discovered an extremely faint component to the south of the region covered by this picture, i.e. on the "counter-jet" side, so this really is a double source.

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