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Smaller Programs: Optical Companions and Bow Shocks


Millisecond Pulsars

tex2html_wrap_inline160 Ages [75, 18, 6, 33, 12]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Magnetic fields [75, 18, 6, 33, 12]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Birth periods [75]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Accretion Rates in Progenitors [75]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Astrometry [74]

J0045-7319 radial velocity and photometry [15, 6, 62]

J0437-4715 bow shock [14, 6]

Recent Papers

Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Millisecond Pulsar Companions: Constraints on Evolution
Optical Studies of Millisecond Pulsar Companions.
PhD Thesis: Binary and Millisecond Radio Pulsars
The Proper Motion and Wind Nebula of the Nearby Millisecond Pulsar J0437-4715
PSR J0045-7319: A dual-line binary radio pulsar.
Optical observations of the binary millisecond pulsars J2145-0750 and J0034-0534.
PSR J1012+5307: A 5.26 ms pulsar in a 14.5 hour binary system

Jon Bell
Mon Dec 16 08:59:38 GMT 1996