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Smaller Programs: Tests of General Relativity


tex2html_wrap_inline160 Spiral in of double neutron stars [10, 11, 6]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 PPN tex2html_wrap_inline338 Lorentz Invariance [16, 9, 6]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 PPN tex2html_wrap_inline342 Lorentz Invariance and conservation laws [17, 9, 7, 6]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Strong equivalence principle

Recent Papers

A new test of conservation laws and Lorentz invariance in relativistic gravity
A Tighter Constraint on post-Newtonian Gravity using Millisecond pulsars.
Distances to Binary Pulsars and Implications for Tests of General Relativ ity
A New Method for Obtaining Binary Pulsar Distances and its Implications for Tests of General Relativity.
A Tighter Test of the Local Lorentz Invariance of Gravity Using PSR J2317+1439.

Jon Bell
Mon Dec 16 08:59:38 GMT 1996