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Smaller Programs: Population Studies


tex2html_wrap_inline160 Overall population [90, 122, 87, 66, 65, 91]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Pulsar birthrate cf SN rate [69]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 msp population [5, 68, 66, 53]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 msp birthrate [70, 67]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 msp formation and evolution [53]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Intermediate mass msps [27]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Double NS merger rate [37]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Galactic electron distribution [91]

Recent Papers

Intermediate-Mass Binary Pulsars: a New Class of Objects?
Pulsar Period and Magnetic Field Evolution
Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Millisecond Pulsar Companions: Constraints on Evolution
The Millisecond pulsar Population
Pulsar statistics III: Neutron star binaries
Pulsar Statistics - II. The local low-mass binary pulsar population
The local low-mass binary pulsar population
The birthrate of low-mass binary pulsars in the Galactic disk
On the radio pulsar B-V correlation.
Birth rate of millisecond pulsars

Jon Bell
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