Recent human genetic anthropology

I have a side interest in genetic genealogy, for which I am Honorary Research Fellow in Genealogical, Paleographic and Heraldic Studies at the Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of Strathclyde.

My focus is on recent mutations passed down in the Y chromosome, specifically in the spread of haplogroups associated with the spread of Proto-Indo-European languages into Europe, around 5000 years ago. Their progeny today make up the majority of British populations today. The links below provide data products generated for two of these haplogroups: R1b-U106 and R1b-P312, both of which descend from the same 5000-year-old ancestor.

Caveat emptor: The haplotree structures are merely frameworks for the data: they are neither official nor complete haplotrees, for which users should refer to the individual projects at the bottom of this page. These structures only include clades which are well recovered in regions covered by Family Tree DNA's BigY test, and only include results from BigY tests where I have data. Some clades and some branching structure in the tree will be missing. See the FAQ for more information.

Note on Build 38 updates: Family Tree DNA have recently upgraded their BigY results from Genome Reference Consortium Human Build 37 (GRCh37) to GRCh38. They are also providing additional data on each of the called mutations. Several other companies are following suit. The technical consequences of this are that the data reduction pipeline presented here no longer properly works with the new GRCh38 data, and I am taking the opportunity to update it. A new analysis pipeline is expected to be ready some time during early 2018.

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R1b-U106 data products

R1b-P312 data products

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These documents have been put together for an audience with a variety of backgrounds in genealogy and genetic testing. New users are advised to start with the primer. These documents are currently (March 2017) in a process of slow redevelopment. Updated versions will be placed here as are ready. Currently available parts are:

Older versions of these reports include.

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