How to upload your Big Y data to the Y-DNA Warehouse

Before you download your data, you should understand what is in it, and what you are agreeing to share. You should also understand how this affects your genetic privacy. If you are happy with this then follow this eight step process...

  1. Log into your account at Family Tree DNA.

  2. In the menu on the top bar, navigate through myDNA > Big Y > Results.

  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, click on the small, blue button that says Download VCF. Please note this is not the Download Raw Data button: we do not process BAM files.

  4. Read the message at follows.

  5. There are two upload options to the Y-DNA Warehouse: shared link and direct.

  6. You are now ready to upload your data to the Y-DNA Warehouse. If you are have copied a shared link, there is a box at the bottom of the page you can paste it into.

  7. If you are using a direct upload, you can click on the Direct tab and choose your file. At the time of writing, some browsers don't correctly display the Choose file button (see image) so just click on the garbled text.

  8. Fill in the rest of the form (please ensure you provide all the information if you can), read the data policy (to ensure you are giving informed consent), click Submit and you're done! You can check to see if your kit was correctly submitted.