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Media and outreach

media activity

- Jan 2018: Live interview for the BBC World Service BBC OS show about the Super Blue Blood Moon.

- Jan 2018: Blog on how to survive the apocalypse in The Huffington Post

- Sep 2017: Article on finding another planet to live on for The Conversation. This article was also republished by Newsweek, The Huffington Post and linked to by BBC Tomorrow's World.

- June 2017: Interviewed for Digital Trends story about astronaut Tim Peake.

- Aug 2016: Interviewed by The Guardian on the discovery of Proxima b.

- Nov 2014: Work on the detection of the ESA Rosetta Philae Lander touchdown on Comet 67P featured in Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog.

- Jan 2013 and 2014: Resident expert for Live Q&A during BBC Stargazing Live (Season 3 and via BBC2 Twitter Feed for Season 4)

- Feb 2013: Featured live guest on the Wonder Show (FuseFM Manchester Student Radio).

- Feb 2012: Guest interview on possibility of the alien life for Up All Night (BBC Radio 5 Live).

- Dec 2011: Guest interview about Kepler 22b for Science in Action (BBC World Service).

public talks

I am happy to give public talks about what I do and why I do it to schools, astronomical societies, science festivals, science cafés etc. Feel free to contact me by email if you wish to arrange this.

Regrettably I cannot answer general astronomy questions by email from individuals. There are many good sites on the web which probably have the answer to your question. A good starting point is the (now rather old) Usenet sci.astro FAQ.

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14 Feb 2018
by Eamonn Kerins