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media activity

- Sep 2022: Co-authored work on the detectability of Earth to alien civilisations using gravitational lensing featured in an article in Physics World.

- Sep 2022: Live guest in the BBC Breakfast studio to discuss the NASA DART mission to impact on the asteroid Dimorphos and alter its orbit.

- Jul 2022: Live guest in the BBC Breakfast studio to discuss the first colour images released from the JWST.

- Sep 2021: Invited guest for an hour long interview on exoplanets and alien life for CVLTURE.TV.

- Jul 2021: Our work on the discovery of Earth-mass exoplanet microlensing candidates with Kepler was widely reported in international newspapers, including The Independent (UK), as well as numerous specialist publications such as The Register and Space.com.

- Jan 2021: Guest for hour long audio podcast interview for The Buzz.

- Oct 2020: My Work on Mutual Detectability as a game theory strategy for targeted SETI featured in many international newspapers and magazines, such as National Geographic (Spain) and The Daily Express (UK) among others. It was also featured in many specialised publications such as Physics World, Phys.org, Astronomy Magazine, and Discover Magazine, among others.

- May 2020: Expert contributor to the Amazon Audibles podcast series Exoplanets: The Search for Another Earth.

- Oct 2019: Contribution to a piece on the apocalypse for E&T

- Jan 2018: Live interview for the BBC World Service BBC OS show about the Super Blue Blood Moon.

- Jan 2018: Blog on how to survive the apocalypse in The Huffington Post

- Sep 2017: Article on finding another planet to live on for The Conversation. This article was also republished by Newsweek, The Huffington Post and linked to by BBC Tomorrow's World.

- June 2017: Interviewed for Digital Trends story about astronaut Tim Peake.

- Aug 2016: Interviewed by The Guardian on the discovery of Proxima b.

- Nov 2014: Work on the detection of the ESA Rosetta Philae Lander touchdown on Comet 67P featured in Phil Plait's "Bad Astronomy" blog.

- Jan 2013 and 2014: Resident expert for Live Q&A during BBC Stargazing Live (Season 3 and via BBC2 Twitter Feed for Season 4)

- Feb 2013: Featured live guest on the Wonder Show (FuseFM Manchester Student Radio).

- Feb 2012: Guest interview on possibility of the alien life for Up All Night (BBC Radio 5 Live).

- Dec 2011: Guest interview about Kepler 22b for Science in Action (BBC World Service).


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