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The Observatory Site

A Panorama of the Jodrell Bank Observatory. The numbered keys will show what lies within its boundary.

Jodrell Site
A Panorama of the Jodrell Site
Photo by Ian Morison
  1. The Granada Arboretum.
  2. The Microwave Link Tower linking the Tabley Telescope to Jodrell Bank.
  3. The 7-m Telescope used for undergraduate teaching and Distance Learning Courses.
  4. The Receiver and Cryogenic Development Laboratories.
  5. The main Microwave Link Tower linking the MERLIN Telescopes (except Tabley) to Jodrell Bank.
  6. The 26-m, Mk II Telescope was completed in1964and is normally used as part of the 217 km MERLIN array. It was resurfaced in 1987.
  7. The Power House contains two diesel generators to power the site should the mains grid supply fail.
  8. Receiver Testing Facility.
  9. Bust of Nicholas Copernicus.
  10. Whispering gallery.
  11. Visitor Centre.
  12. Walkway around the Lovell telescope.
  13. The Lovell Telescope, MERLIN and European VLBI Network Observing Rooms.
  14. The Lovell Telescope Control Room.
  15. The 13-m Telescope which is normally used for observing the Crab Pulsar.