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Jodrell Bank Observatory's Meteor Detector - Some Highlights

Because there might not always be something exciting to see in the live plots, here are some that we captured using the system before it was installed properly. As with the live plots, these plots have time along the bottom, the most recent event is on the right, and frequency up the side. Each bright spot you can see is a radio meteor detection.

The next plot was recorded during the daytime outburst of the Aurigid meteor shower on September 1st 2007. This shower is active from August 25th through to September 8th but generally with low rates. The 2007 return was predicted to have a short peak during daylight in the UK so the only way to see the predicted peak in the UK this year was with a radio receiver. Click on the image to enlarge.

Daytime Aurigid shower 2007

The following three plots were recorded during the Leonid meteor shower of 2006, the last of which was a fireball with a radio echo that lasted for four minutes and was picked up by several other observers in the UK. Click on each image to enlarge.

Leonids 02:15
Leonids 05:55
Leonids 01:30