An Atlas of DRAGNs

Getting the images by anonymous FTP

Please Note If images from this Atlas are useful to you, please acknowledge the original contributors, who are noted on the Main Pages under the rubric Credits:.

The full-resolution Atlas images are available from Jodrell Bank via anonymous FTP. The images are in FITS format, which means they can now be read by xv as well as standard astronomical image processing systems. Some of the history files are rather large, so all images have been compressed. The images files have the radio source name, with spaces removed and decimal points replaced by P. All letters in the name are UPPERCASE, but the file extension .gz is lowercase. The two objects without 3C or 4C names are in files named A1552.gz (=B1227+119) and NGC6251.gz (=B1637+826).

The low-resolution "C20" images WILL SOON available in the same FTP area. They will have names of the form 3CXXX_C20.gz.

A sample anonymous FTP session is shown below:

     login: anonymous
     password:             (type your full email address here)
     cd pub/3CRR_atlas     (to access the Atlas public directory)
     ls                    (to list the directory contents)
     binary                (to copy binary files)
     get 3C274P1.gz        (to get the compressed map of 3C 274.1)

Compression: The images are stored as standard FITS files compressed in GNU zip (gzip) format, the .gz extension denoting this compression. Gzipped files may be uncompressed with the command gunzip which is available for most computer systems.

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Last modified: 1997 March 20
J. P. Leahy