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Jodrell Bank Maser Group

Movie of the SiO masers in TX Cam
A 73-epoch movie of SiO masers in
TX Cam (Gonidakis and Diamond)

The maser group at Jodrell Bank Observatory researches the physics of cosmic masers using radio astronomical observations. Masers can be used to probe comets, star-forming regions and circumstellar envelopes in our Galaxy. Observations of megamasers are used to probe the physics of active galactic nuclei. Please use the navigation bar (left) to find out more about the research we undertake.

Latest News: We have an exciting PhD project available for 2005 entry: A multibeam search-engine for methanol masers. The project is based at Jodrell Bank but will also involve some work at the Parkes telescope and the Australian Telescope Compact Array. For full details, see the Methanol multibeam project webpage. For an informal discussion about this project, please contact Jim Cohen.


The Jodrell Bank maser group curently comprises
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