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JCMT Plane Survey

The JCMT Plane Survey (JPS) is a JCMT Legacy Survey to image two thirds of the Galactic Plane in the submillimetre continuum using the new SCUBA-2 continuum array detector. The JPS is designed to provide the means to answer key questions in massive star formation by revealing all stages of the process and all the significant mechanisms operating on scales from dense cores to that of the whole Galaxy. It will provide the first complete source samples of high-mass YSOs and protoclusters in a complete range of Galactic environments, placing massive star formation research onto a firm statistical basis for the first time. It will provide a legacy archive from which future researchers can extract data samples whose selection is not completely pre-determined by the present scientific priorities.

More details of the JPS can be found here.

(Langston et al. Survey)

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