4C 12.03


Basic Data
S178 Alpha FR Class ID Spectrum Best z mag. LAS lg P178 D
10.90.87IIR+SP Gal0.157V = 16.5* 232.0025.63 546.5


Size: 384.0 × 384.0 arcsec²
LUT: Linear
Beam: 5.0 arcsec
Frequency: 1477 MHz
Method: VTESS ՘>5.0
Telescope: VLA B+C
Credits: Leahy & Perley (1991)

4C12.03 is on the borderline between relaxed doubles and classical doubles. There are low-contrast "warmspots" at the end of each lobe, but in the south the the lobe centre is about four times brighter than the warmspot (presumably there is a longer pathlength, so the emissivity in the two regions is similar).

The host galaxy is at the centre of the structure, (marked by a tiny red dot in the picture). A slight peak in the brightness at this position is probably the core (not clearly visible here). Straddling the core to north and south are elongated structures, unresolved in width, that are probably segments of jets. It would be useful to check this interpretation with a higher-resolution image.

The most remarkable feature is the pair of faint secondary lobes or wings at an angle of about 60° to the main axis. Another example of this kind of structure is 3C 315, the prototype winged DRAGN.

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