3C 341


Basic Data
S178 Alpha FR Class ID Spectrum Best z mag. LAS lg P178 D
11.80.85IICD Gal0.448R(c) = 19* 80.0026.61 361.8


Size: 76.8 × 76.8 arcsec²
LUT: Logarithmic
Beam: 1.3 arcsec
Frequency: 1477 MHz
Method: CLEAN/VTESS’ėˇ>1.3
Telescope: VLA A+B
Credits: Leahy & Perley (1991)

A higher-resolution image at 6 cm in Bridle & Perley (1984) shows a clear jet running through the centre of the SW lobe, and a possible jet (or series of knots) in the NE lobe. In our image the lobe emission swamps that from the jet, although the brightest knot in the SW jet is visible as the orange peak near the back of the SW lobe.

It is notable that the two lobes, although they meet at the centre, have distinctly different surface brightnesses, suggesting that physical conditions (e.g. pressure) are in some way different on the two sides.

The HST image (de Koff et al. 1996) shows extended emission north and south of the main galaxy, which is probably the extended emission line gas seen from the ground by McCarthy et al. (1995). The position of the galaxy and compact core is marked on our image by the red cross.

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