3C 223


Basic Data
S178 Alpha FR Class ID Spectrum Best z mag. LAS lg P178 D
16.00.74IICD Gal0.1368R(c) = 16.37 306.0025.67 647.8


Size: 307.2 × 307.2 arcsec²
LUT: Logarithmic
Beam: 4.1 arcsec
Frequency: 1477 MHz
Method: CLEAN ՘>4.1
Telescope: VLA B+C
Credits: Leahy & Perley (1991)

The host dominates a group of about 12 galaxies, and may have slightly extended emission lines (Baum et al. 1988, Smith & Heckman 1989). The group is much smaller than the radio source.

High-resolution images are given by Leahy et al. (1997), which emphasises the "V" shaped structure of the northern hotspot; but in fact their images reveal very little fine-scale structure.

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