Stellar Structure and Evolution - Links and Online References

This page contains links to sites relevant to my stellar structure and evolution course.
First, here is a very useful online astrophysics handbook and here are some places to lookup constants:

Observational Properties of Stars

A brief discussion of spectral classification of stars together with postscript figures comparing the visible spectra of stars of a range of spectral types. Here are the data files used to construct the figures.
The Global Oscillations Network Group, GONG are studying the internal structure of the Sun using helio-seismology to study its oscillations.

The HIPPARCOS mission was a satellite to measure accurate positions and hence distances for over 1,000,000 nearby stars. This is the HR diagram derived from the Hippparcos observations.

Stellar Evolution

NASA's Observatorium has popular level presentations on

Stellar Structure

An excellent tour of the Sun

Nuclear Energy Generation

A very good tour of nucleosynthesis in stars from a site at Oxford.
A brief review of nucleosynthesis which includes some dicussion of cosmological nucleosynthesis.

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Dr. Fuller
Feb 1999