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TempoTk is a graphical user interface to the TEMPO software package. While TEMPO is a powerful program, its command-line interface can be rather tedious to use. TempoTk is designed to provide a more intuitive and efficient way of running TEMPO which should be particularly more accesible to beginners learning the art of pulsar timing! The image below shows the screen layout of TempoTk. Click on it to reveal a high-resolution version.

The Tcl/Tk source code for TempoTk is available here. It does require that you have a copy of IMPULSE - an extension to the Tcl/Tk programming language.

Once you have TempoTk installed, try it out on this file, which contains an ephemeris and arrival times for PSR J0407+1607, by typing

tempotk 0407.tempo

Further information on running TempoTk can be found in this document. (COMING SOON!)

Last updated 20:43 17/11/2004