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Collaboration Members and Contact Details


  • Jim Cohen (PI), Manchester
  • Antonio Chrysostomou, Hertfordshire
  • Phil Diamond, Manchester
  • Gary Fuller, Manchester
  • Malcolm Gray, Manchester
  • Melvin Hoare, Leeds
  • Mike Masheder, Bristol
  • Michele Pestalozzi, Hertfordshire
  • Mark Thompson, Hertfordshire
  • Derek Ward-Thompson, Cardiff
  • Danny Wong-Mcsweeney, Manchester
  • Jeremy Yates, University College, London


  • James Caswell, ATNF, CSIRO
  • Kate Brooks, ATNF, CSIRO
  • Michael Burton, New South Wales
  • Simon Ellingsen, Tasmania
  • Naomi McClure-Griffiths, ATNF, CSIRO
  • Chris Phillips, ATNF, CSIRO
  • Maxim Voronkov, ATNF, CSIRO
  • Andrew Walsh, New South Wales
If you are member of the collaboration and need more detailed contact information it is available on our wiki.
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