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Maintained by: Virginia Kilborn
Last Updated: 22 August 2001

Observing schedules at the Lovell Telescope


    NB: we need at least 2 observers each day. Where VK and RL are present, we still need an extra observer for at least part of each week.

    • Observing Schedule:
      Day Date Observers
      Fri13 DecVK, RL
      Sat14 DecVK, RL
      Sun15 DecVK, RL
      Mon16 DecVK, RL, RM
      Tue17 DecVK, RL, RM
      Wed18 DecVK, RL, RM
      Thu19 DecVK, RL, RM
      Fri20 DecVK, RL, RM
      Sat21 DecVK, RL
      Sun22 DecVK, RL
      Mon23 DecVK, RL
      Tue24 DecVK, RL
      Wed25 DecVK, RL
      Thu26 DecVK, RL, PB
      Fri27 DecVK, RL, PB
      Sat28 DecVK, RL
      Sun29 DecRL
      Mon30 DecRL, CJ
      Tue31 DecVK, RL
      Wed1 JanVK, RL
      Thu2 JanVK, RL
      Fri3 JanVK, RL
      Sat4 JanVK, RL
      Sun5 JanVK, RL
      Mon6 JanVK,
      Tue7 JanVK,DG?
      Wed8 JanVK,DG
      Thu9 JanVK, DG
      Fri10 JanVK,DG
      Sat11 JanVK,DG
      Sun12 JanVK,MG
      Mon13 JanVK,MG
      Tue14 JanVK,MG
      Wed15 JanVK,MG
      Thu16 JanVK,MG
      Fri17 JanVK,MG
      Sat18 JanVK,MG
      Sun19 JanVK,MG
      Mon20 JanVK, MG
      Tue21 JanVK, MG
      Wed22 JanVK, MG
      Thu23 JanVK, MG
      Fri24 JanVK, MG
      Sat25 JanVK, MG
      Sun26 JanVK, MG
      Mon27 JanVK, MG
      Tue28 JanVK, RM
      Wed29 JanVK, RM
      Thu30 JanVK, RM
      Fri31 JanVK, RM
      Sat1 FebVK, DG
      Sun2 FebVK, DG
      Mon3 FebVK, DG
      Tue4 FebVK, DG
      Wed5 FebVK, DG
      Thu6 FebVK, DG
      Fri7 FebVK, DG
      Sat8 FebVK, DG
      Sun9 FebVK, DG
      Mon10 FebVK,DG
      Tue11 FebVK,DG
      Wed12 FebVK,RM
      Thu13 FebVK, RM
      Fri14 FebVK, RM
      Sat15 FebVK, RM
      Sun16 FebVK, RM

  • Observing lists

    p26 Cubes 21 and 22
    p26 Cube 3
    p34 Cubes 19 and 20
    p34 - Cube 3
    p42 Cubes 17 and 18
    p42 Cube 3
    p50 Cubes 14 and 15
    p50 Cube 3
    p58 Cubes 11 and 12
    p58 Cube 3
    p66 Cube 3
    p66 Cube 9
  • 4 Jan - 15 Feb


  • March - June