V.R.I. - Virtual Radio Interferometer

D. J. McKay & N. P. F. McKay

VRI (the Virtual Radio Interferometer) is a Java applet that simulates how radio interferometers work. If you are not familiar with this field, then we suggest that you browse the VRI Guide, which describes the concepts and basic operation of this aspect of astronomical study.

The applet simulates how the placement of the antennas affects the uv-coverage of a given array and illustrates the fourier transform relation ship between the accumulated radio visibilities and the resultant image.

This applet is focussed on four "panels" which represent (clockwise from top right), the placement of the antennas on the ground, the uv-coverage that would result from that placement, the fourier transform of the image (which may be masked by the uv-coverage) and the image itself (either initial or measured). Various widgets around the outside of these panels allow the control of various parameters.

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We would greatly appreciate any comments you may have on this documentation, or the VRI java applet. Please e-mail them to Derek McKay (dm@jb.man.ac.uk).

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