Jodrell Bank

The Topping Out Ceremony - August 27th 2002

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Chief Engineer, Dr Tony Battilana, readying the "golden screw"
On Tuesday 27th August a significant milestone in the Lovell Telescope Upgrade was reached when the last - golden - screw was inserted to hold in place the final new galvanized surface panel making up its 76 metre diameter surface. The ceremony was performed by Jodrell Bank's Chief Engineer, Dr Tony Battilana, with Mr Steve Hardwick, Director of SHAL Engineering who have been carrying out the re-surfacing of the telescope.   The complete surface is made up of 340 panels each made up of seven or nine galvanized steel segments attached in place by over 100,000 screws!   The surface is now being cleaned prior to painting before the return to use of the Lovell Telescope this autumn.

The final screw is located and screwed into place

Shaking hands with Steve Hardwick of SHAL Engineering

SHAL and Jodrell Bank engineers enjoying the "Topping Out Party"

Two SHAL Engineers abseiling down the new surface

A monochrome detail

For more information see the Lovell Telescope Upgrade pages.