High-Speed Stellar Ejecta

Ralph Spencer
Richard Davis
Tim O'Brien
Anita Richards
Alastair Gunn

Research Students
Phill Brady
Chris de la Force
Matt Crocker
Garth McCormick
Theodoris Simponias
Ian Heywood
Chris Wareing
We study a range of stellar objects which eject material at high-speeds. These include close active binaries, symbiotic stars, X-ray binaries, novae, and Wolf-Rayet binaries. We combine observations using facilities such as MERLIN, the VLA, VLBI, HST with hdyrodynamic modelling of the ejected material.

A VLA image of the symbiotic star CH Cygni in 1986, two years after a major nova-like outburst. The two blobs seen in the image are material ejected in the initial outburst. We have recently shown that the two outer blobs are non-thermal radio emitters whilst the central component is thermal.

Since then, the group has monitored this star with MERLIN, the VLA and the HST.

Research areas

Nova Cygni 1992
Nova Cassiopeiae 1993
Nova Cassiopeiae 1995
RS Ophiuchi

X-Ray Binaries
GRS 1915+105
LSI +61°303

Symbiotic Stars
Z Andromedae
R Aquarii
CH Cygni
V1016 Cygni
AG Pegasii
HM Sagittae

WR 140
WR 146
WR 147

Active Binary Stars
CF Tucanae
V505 Sagittarii
RZ Cas