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These pages will give you information about the history of SETI and the observations being carried out at present. The "SETI questions" page gives answers to some of the questions most commonly asked of SETI scientists.   These pages have been awarded the SuperStar website award by the SETI League.   Their site can be reached by clicking on the graphic below.

SETI SuperStar Award

SETI at Jodrell - SETI observations using the Lovell 76m Radio Telescope.
The History of SETI - A brief history of SETI from its origins in 1959 to the present day.
Project Phoenix - A description of Project Phoenix which is now in progress at the radio telescopes at Arecibo and Jodrell Bank.
SETI questions - Commonly asked questions answered by Jill Tarter, Director of the SETI Institute, and Ian Morison, co-ordinator of the Jodrell Bank SETI observations.
The Drake Equation - Frank Drake produced an equation containing a number of factors to enable the probability of contacting another civiliation to be estimated.
Learn more about SETI - Life in the Universe is a part-time distance learning course offered by Jodrell Bank Observatory in which you can learn more about our cosmic origins and the search for extraterrestrial life.
The SETI Institute - A link to the comprehensive web site of the SETI Institute to learn more about SETI and find links to other SETI web sites.
SETI@home - Find out how you can help with the search for other civilisations using your home computer!
The SETI League - Amateur SETI. A link to the website of the SETI League who can show how you can take part in the SETI quest.
SKY and TELESCOPE SETI pages - A link to the SETI web pages of SKY and TELESCOPE giving a comprehensive overall view of current SETI research.
SETI Australia - A link to the website of the SETI Australia Project which is carrying out a search using the Parkes 64 metre telescope.
Seti-Italia - A link to the website of the Seti-Italia Project which is carrying out a search using the 32m antenna at Medicina near Bologna.

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