Processing Jodrell Data

psrtime General package for viewing and analysing pulse arrival times (see tempo)
psrprof General package for analysing pulsar data obtained at Jodrell
psrav Script for calculating arrival times for a particular pulsar
fitwaves Fits sinusoids to timing residuals in order to study or remove timing noise
fitorbit Orbital model fitting from observed pulse periods
vfit Analysis of glitches
circorbit First order orbital fitting from observed pulsar periods and accelerations
orbitfit Removes orbital number ambiguities 
psracf Calculates autocorrelation function and spectrum from timing residuals 

Processing Parkes Data

tadd Adds a number of FT files.  Can be used in producing averaged profiles for publication or for making templates.
plt_prf3 Used for publications: pksmb3 and pksmb8 for producing postscript plots of pulse profiles 
treduce Allows viewing and analysis of pulsar archive files
fch3 Folds sc_td output to form archive files
tcombine2 Produces timing archive files from the output of fch3
mel Converts FT files to ASCII
xprofstd Produces templates from Parkes data
sc_td Reads Parkes data from tape
psrhead Gives header information for archives
pdm Folds output from sc_td according to a given periods and DM and searches a range of period and DM 
pdma  Same as pdm, but for archive files and can fold according to ephemeris. 
parms Displays the parameter output from TEMPO (reads tempo.lis) 

General Tools

psrinfo Reads the pulsar catalogue
pulsar Reads an older pulsar catalogue 
tempo Allows study of pulse arrival times (see psrtime)
dmdist Gives pulsar distance according to different models from DM and position
plk Tool for viewing residuals (generally used with tempo)
lk Tool for viewing residuals (generally used with tempo)
bindata Plots histograms of a column of data in a multicolumn file
eph2upd Uesd to produce .upd files from an ephemeris

Multibeam Survey Tools

findcand (not implemented as Jodrell alias) Finds original candidate and gridding observation for any multibeam pulsars
pmtape  Controls reading data from tape for processing 
pmmaster  Controls the passing of data to slave machines for the data processing 
pmproc  Shows status of slave machines in data processing 
pms_plot Plots the contents of .s. files 
pmfcheck inputs a range of modulation frequencies and then searches for these in a .s. file

Graphing Tools

gnuplot General graphing tool
xmgr General graphing tool


George Hobbs (JBO)