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The Astronomical A-List

To find the information about an A-List object that you know by name click on the name to find a detailed descriptions of the A-List object together with a star chart showing its locations.   This will also include other A-List objects within the same constellation.

30 Doradus - star cluster and nebula

47 Tucanae - globular cluster

51 Pegasai - star with planet

Albireo - double star

The Andromeda Galaxy - M31

Alpha Crucis - double star

Alpha Centauri - double star

Algol - eclipsing Binary

Beehive Cluster - M44 - open cluster

Butterfly Cluster - M6

Brocchi's Cluster - The Coathanger

Castor - multiple star system

Centaurus A - active galaxy

Coal Sack - dark nebula

Crab nebula - M1 - supernova remnant

Dumbell nebula - M27 - planetary nebula

Epsilon lyrae - Multiple star

Eta Aquilae nebula - cepheid variable star

Eta Carina nebula - unstable star and nebula

Eskimo or Clown Nebula - planetary Nebula

Hercules Cluster - globular cluster

Hyades Cluster - open cluster

Jewel Box - open cluster

Large Magellanic Cloud - galaxy

Lagoon Nebula - diffuse nebula

M15 - globula cluster

M33 - galaxy

M35 - open cluster

M37 - open cluster

M41 - open cluster

M42 - difuse nebula

M65/M66 - galaxies

M81/M82 - galaxies

M87 - active galaxy

M92 - globular cluster

M95/M96 - galaxies

Mizar and Alcor - double stars

Omega Centauri - globula cluster

Perseus Double Cluster - open clusters

Pleiades Cluster - M45 - open cluster

Porrima - double star

Ptolemy's Cluster - M7 - open cluster

Ring nebula - M27 - planetary nebula

Small Magellanic Cloud - galaxy

Sombrero Galaxy - M104

Scorpius Jewel Box - open cluster

Swan Nebula - M17 - diffuse nebula

Triffid Nebula - M20 - Diffuse Nebula

Tarantula Nebula - HII region and open cluster

Veil Nebula - supernova remnant

Whirlpool Galaxy - M51

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