WP5 is led by Dr Corrado Perna of Italy's National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF). Its primary objectives are to set out options for decision makers on (a) how the SKA project should approach procurement, and (b) how it should involve industry in global, regional and national contexts.

This work package will initiate discussions among national funding agencies concerning protocols for procurement, as well as strategies for the involvement of commercial industry and of national research institutes. A Procurement Working Group (PWG) has been formed to guide these discussions. The key tasks for WP5 are:

  • develop guidelines for procurement for the SKA.

  • With input from external consultants, acquire information on the potential for industry, particularly the ICT segment, to contribute to, and participate in, the development and construction of the SKA.

  • With input from external consultants, analyse models for procurement of the SKA Design, including

    • 1) A fully global procurement process based on WTO guidelines,

    • 2) Regionally- or nationally-restricted procurement relying on the availability of regional or national funding

    • 3) Agreed-on deliverables by regional or national entities

  • Undertake comparative risk analyses of the procurement models.

  • Develop a detailed options paper on procurement policy for discussion with stakeholders at the International SKA Forum.

WP5 will end on 31 March 2012.

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