WP4 is led by Dr Patricia Vogel of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Its objectives are

  • (a) to study options for viable models of governance and a legal framework for the SKA project during its construction and operational phase;

  • (b) to obtain professional legal and governance advice as appropriate to inform the development of such options; and

  • (c) to provide input to the Agencies SKA Group (ASG) and the International SKA Forum for the discussion and resolution of favoured options.

This work package will focus on a study of the governance models for existing multi-national collaborations; it will attempt to distill the best-practice that has emerged from these projects, thus ensuring that the SKA can benefit from previous experience. The working group will then develop options for the optimal structure that might be proposed for the SKA during its construction and operational phases. It will also study potential legal frameworks under which the SKA project might ultimately be established, again building on the experience gained in similar complex projects. This work-package will also advise the ASG on developing a skeleton of a draft joint implementation agreement for the SKA project.

WP4 will end on 31 March 2012.

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