An Atlas of DRAGNs

Famous radio source omitted from the Atlas

We are frequently asked why such-and-such a radio source is not in the Atlas. The answer is always that the object in question is excluded by the sample definition. Since famous radio sources are usually bright and nearby, "missing objects" are usually just not in the region of sky from which our sample was selected. Here are some of the more frequent queries:
Andromeda Nebula (M 31) Not a DRAGN.
Coma A (3C 277.3) Too faint (just!).
Cygnus A (3C 405) Seen through the Galactic plane.
Centaurus A Too far south.
Fornax A Too far south.
Hercules A (3C 348) Too far south.
Hydra A (3C 218) Too far south.
M 77 = NGC 1068 (3C 71) Too far south
M 82 (3C 231) A starburst galaxy, not a DRAGN.
Pictor A Too far south.
3C 120 Too faint at 178 MHz.
3C 273 Too far south.
3C 371 Too faint at 178 MHz.

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Last modified: 1997 April 24
J. P. Leahy