Sphere Astronomical Almanac
The Astronomical Almanac is an interactive utility that can calculate the position of any astronomical object for any time, date and location on Earth. It also provides details for the Sun, Moon and planets.

To calculate the position of an astronomical object in the horizon system (azimuth and elevation) the Astronomical Almanac requires the coordinates of the location of observation (latitude, longitude and height), the date and time of the observation and the coordinates (right ascension, declination and epoch) of the object. The "Submit Request" will return the results of the Astronomical Almanac. A full description of the facility is available. The user should refer to the description of the Input Parameters before use or read the short instructions and guidelines. A full explanation of the Astronomical Almanac Output Parameters is also available.

For convenience two pull-down menus are included. One allows you to specify a location from a list of more than 200 of the world's major cities. The other allows selection of an object from a list of the 50 brightest stars. If you want to use another location or object select "Use Inputs" from the location and/or astronomical object menus and type your positions in the text boxes below.

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The information supplied by this facility should be regarded as approximate only. The author accepts no responsibility for any failure or inadequacies of the interface nor the calculations and disavows any legal liability as a result of the use of this facility. The facility has limited error checking capabilities but if you find obvious errors please contact the Webmaster.