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Estrella: Double Quasar L-Band MERLIN data -- (gzipped FITS file)

Estrella: MERLIN procedure -- (ehex extension for aips user 5555)

Estrella: Aips help file for MERLIN procedure

CASA Version 3: Latest Version of CASA for Download -- (gzipped tar file)

Latest ToO


tar file containing moon panorama observations with 8 avi files for John Meaburn

1750-014 July 3rd Data (gzipped FITS)

1750-014 July 4th Data (gzipped FITS)

1750-014 July 5th Data (gzipped FITS)

3C270 L-Band Data (FITS)

3C270 C-Band Data (FITS)

MKN273 C-Band Data (FITS)

0741+160 Multisource Data (gzipped FITS)

0741+160 Cleaned Image (gzipped FITS)

0741+160 Contoured Map (PostScript)

1314+006 Multisource 6-Station Data (gzipped FITS)

1314+006 Multisource 7-Station Data (gzipped FITS)

1314+006 SPLIT & DBCONed 6+7-Station Data (gzipped FITS)

1314+006 Deconvolved Image (gzipped FITS)

1314+006 Contoured Map (gzipped PostScript)

HDF Paper as a tar file

e-MERLIN Review Introduction

Biennial Report

Updated ARC Material