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Large Area Surveys[28, 24, 26, 79]



tex2html_wrap_inline160 All sky - Molongolo 36cm (155) [102]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Galactic plane - Parkes 20cm (46) [60, 55]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Galactic plane - Jodrell 20cm (40) [20, 36, 34, 35]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 All sky - Parkes 70cm (102/17)
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Arecibo [32, 31]
tex2html_wrap_inline160 All sky - Jodrell 70cm

In Progress

tex2html_wrap_inline160 Multi-13-beam Parkes 20cm

About to begin

tex2html_wrap_inline160 Multi-4-beam Jodrell 20cm
tex2html_wrap_inline160 Magellanic clouds multibeam 20cm

(Number of new pulsars shown in brackets)

Recent Papers

Present and Future Pulsar Searches - HSRA meeting
Princeton-Arecibo Declination-Strip Survey for Millisecond Pulsars: Part I
Search for Millisecond Pulsars at Galactic Latitudes -50° < b < -20°.
Millisecond Pulsar Searches NATO ASI meeting
A 1500-MHz survey for pulsars near the Galactic Centre
Millisecond Pulsar Searches - 7th Grossman meeting

Jon Bell
Mon Dec 16 08:59:38 GMT 1996