PSRTIME Modification History

Subroutine Mod Tsttime Date Psrtime Date Name

aatime/runbat/wrneweph/sattobat/jplepv etc add command qualifier 'jplbat DE405' to use DE405 rather than DE200 - this also meand that ephem and tempo output will be written with DE405 qualifier 18/03/2008 Caj
prfplot/cursor/rdbinprf test freq of obs for match, add line for toa, and prof gaussian (magnetar if available as second profile) 06/02/2008Caj
dialogtime Add a wrap/nowrap button - remove macro button 05/12/2007Caj
clear Make defualt /xs rather than /xw 07/06/2007Caj
init_commons Add Nancay xyzand space for Sardinia 07/06/2007Caj
shores Increase width of error in format statement 22/05/2007Caj
readeph/rdcmd.f readeph in psrlib renamed as libreadeph (to save confusion with ephio routines 07/11/2006Caj
rdtempo small mod to catch comment lines 07/11/2006Caj
rdwrascpol new routine writes pulsar Stokes parameter data in ascii form 01/10/2006Caj
update/timres/shopsr correct update all acting on posech(mended bug in not using posepoch in calcs) 03/05/2006Caj
pltcmd extra colour (magenta) for cobra/quad/cobra2 data 22/03/2006Caj
catread/wrcmd/inptempo/update call to catread/write removed, doesn't work with newer catalogue anyway! 16/03/2006Caj
wrfit If Dm is included in fit - write fit to file with other parameters 27/09/200527/09/2005Caj
Flag adde (usemedian) to control min. error used in weighted fits. default is OFF 22/09/200520/09/2005Caj
ephio link to modified ephio - change F to F0 and E to ECC 31/05/200531/05/2005Caj
rdcmd, resid, shopsr, update, aatime, wrneweph, shofit Sort bug which reads POSEPOCH from ephem but didn't use it! add update posepoch cmd 06/04/200506/04/2005Caj
cursor add command to list ephemeris files (SHOW EPHFILES) 05/04/200505/04/2005Caj
pltcmd add magenta for >5GHz bats 19/11/200419/11/2004Caj
sattobat Took out top limit (22GHz parkes data is caught by this) 19/11/200419/11/2004Caj
rdwrdel Change thinking behind matching of deletes to arrival times 22/09/200422/09/2004Caj
init_commons Restore Jodrell Lat.see comment in file 20/09/200420/09/2004Caj
rdbinprf Increase max number of profiles from 12000 to 20000 22/08/200422/08/2004Caj
Increase max number of harmonics to 100 18/03/200418/03/2004 Caj
Add MODE 1 to tempo output when weights required. Remove fit flag from EPOCH in eph file (unecessary) 19/02/200419/02/2004Caj
wrtempo Write new style free format tempo file 8/12/20038/12/2003Caj
init_commons Correct Lat. of Jodrell 8/12/20038/12/2003Caj
add parameter iperharm - for period harmonics 10/03/200328/08/2003Caj
runfitwave GHS gap fitting routine for better interpolation when little timing noise. (averages data to find interpolation points) 11/02/200311/02/2003GH
rtempo Corrected SKIP command, and added TIME command 23/01/200329/01/2003Caj
runfitwave Improved routine 21/01/200321/01/2003Caj/GH
runfitwave Fill any long gaps in resids with interpolated points before fitting  13/01/200314/01/2003Caj/GH
init_commons Add GMRT site coords  - site r 19/11/2002Caj
rdtempo Obey SKIP/NOSKIP keywords in tempo files 7/11/2002Caj
wrneweph Add fit flags when writing an ephemeris 6/11/2002Caj
rdbat Give a bit of leeway in DM check to avoid getting "Inconsistent Source Parameters" error for sources where the DM changes 27/08/2002Caj
aatime Small mod in getting default source name from directory 15/08/2002Caj
newpltcmd Put in an extra colour (turquoise) for freqs 750-1100 05/08/2002Caj
resid Fixed bug which lost residual (with median err) when fitting with weights 24/07/2002Caj
wrfit Sort error which crashed psrtime if you tried and do write fit without a satfile being specified. Also update HELP WRITE FIT 27/06/2002Caj
shofitwave Show sin/cos errors as well as amp phase errors 23/05/2002Caj
Reads and writes ver5 wav files with (corrected, I hope) phase & amp errors 15/04/02Caj
wrtempo Mod (maybe temporary to sort a discrepancy between the way that tempo does the uct to tai correction prior to 1972 (in a1utcf.f) and we do it (in utctai.f) 27/03/2002Caj
rddel/wrdel Allow read/write deleted commands to write to the file given in pulsar name box  27/03/2002Caj
runfitwave Check for 'Use weights' and use them if required 26/03/2002Caj
runfitwave Check for 'Use weights' and use them if required 26/03/2002Caj
Add lintepoch flag to settable parameters, forces integer epoch, start & finish  28/02/2002Caj
resid set weights less than the median weight to the Median weight - (medianerr) 25/04/2002Caj
Updated 07/06/2002