PSRPROF Modification History

Subroutine Mod Tstprof Date Psrprof Date Name

readmel Sets correct channel frequency for multichannel mel files 30/07/200730/07/2007 caj/agl
align chnage align so IN buf binsize is changed rather than AV binsize 24/07/200724/07/2007 caj/agl
readwrite minor changes to go with epnwrite v. 6.3 19/07/200719/07/2007 caj
tweaking this in various ways - currently interpolates short gaps and grey fills longer ones 19/07/200719/07/2007 caj
tweaking this in various ways - currently interpolates short gaps and grey fills longer ones 10/07/200710/07/2007 caj
wrbinprf minor bug fix - no implications 21/06/200721/06/2007 caj
add telescopes wsrt, effberg, nancay, srt, add routines to read and write profiles in sigproc format, and to read nancay profiles(similar) 06/06/200706/06/2007 caj
findcorrect Standalone utility. Calculates the difference btween a given SAT and ephemeris toa (at inf.freq) 06/06/200706/06/2007 caj
wrline add write line tobs which writes integartion time (calculated from np * pb) 05/06/200705/06/2007 caj
routines to output and input profiles in sigproc format (for Ingrid) 29/05/200725/05/2007 caj
special routine to generate a template of gaussians eg 1809-1943 22/05/200722/05/2007 caj
small mods for rearrangemnet of directories 14/03/200614/03/2007 caj
optscan add pddot to calc 25/01/200625/01/2007 caj,agl
getarrtime rescale fitamp - mult * 1000 30/12/200630/12/2006 caj,agl
window Bug correct - need to correct UTM as well as UTS when windowing! 13/12/200613/12/2006 caj,agl
getgausstemp Forms a template from a file holding set of parameters - see templates help 15/11/200614/11/2006 caj,mk
compfit new routine to fit gaussians to data (eg 1809-1943) see templates help 15/11/200615/10/2006 caj,agl
change the priority in using templates.bin (downgraded) 15/11/200615/10/2006 caj
call fitslopes twice! 23/10/200623/10/2006 caj
getshift Returns sigma (quality of fit) as well as toa error 12/09/200612/09/2006 caj
rawcopy New subroutine to copy from chan na in ibl to chan nb in obl 4/9/20064/9/2006 caj
correct use F3 from ephem if available 08/08/200608/08/2006 caj
print utm in reject.log 24/07/200624/07/2006 caj
extract tel xx - write to out1f all the data for the telescope number 21/07/200621/07/2006 caj
monhdr Display UTM 19/07/200619/07/2006 caj
corrhdr Allow clock corrections for cobra data esp leap sec. 21/03/200621/03/2006 caj
ctelno Add efflesberg and cobra to telescope lookup table 06/02/200606/02/2006 caj
sortcmd Append pulsars to pulsarlist, rather than writing new list 13/01/200613/01/2006 caj
wrline fix bug in writing DEC, add commands to write J2000 RA/DEC, change ACTRADEC to OBSRADEC 19/10/200518/10/2005 caj
readwritereadmel add routines to read profiles from parkes mel/ml files (inc. concatenated) 16/08/200516/08/2005 caj
dedisperse if param is negative (and not -1), assume it is abs value of required ref freq. 22/07/2005  caj
wrpongo add more digits to flux format 18/07/2005  caj
readwrite calc. tbin in readepn if missing 15/07/2005  caj
readwrite force new file open in writepen 31/05/200531/05/2005 caj
readwrite Add extra checks for config change in multread 28/04/200528/04/2005 caj
integrate binary - increase check to 1e-2 (for double pulsar) 14/04/2005  caj
readwrite Add extra check for not null data 29/03/200529/03/2005 caj
templates change freq break from 1300 to 750 08/02/200508/02/2005 caj
tempfit fix small bug (for 1828 types) 07/02/200507/02/2005 caj
get_tflux conv or centre qualifiers 12/10/200412/10/2004 caj
fitslopes tweaked 07/06/200407/06/2004  
autoedit Add test for ll.r polarisation 07/06/200407/06/2004 caj
extract Add cludge qualifier (to fix faulty header times in SP crab data)
This temporary fix could be kept as a place marker for other data cludging routines!
1/4/2004  caj
extract Add trigger qualifier (to allow giant pulses to be extracted from a run of crab SP data! 28/11/2003  caj
avall in average Fix bug in calc. of dclon & off 14/11/200314/11/2003 caj
dofftfit Add command to do fit in freq. domain
currently still under test in tstprof!
(Issue with gettshift routine)
Oct 2003  gh/agl
optscan Added deadtime between integrations to drift time calculation.
Added lo. precision barycentre time calc, to replace UT in output
24/06/200324/06/2003 Agl/Caj
readwrite Fixed bug in "read in 5 mins" command (read one too many) 22/06/200324/06/2003 Agl
copy fixed bug which corrupted AV buffer if reducing number of chans 21/05/200321/05/2003 Caj
plotgrey Add a question to allow mod. on grey scale range for Pat. 16/04/200321/05/2003 Caj
getshift remove check on change in period (part of trying to deal with pulsars folded at the wrong harmonic (mods also made in correct.f - currently commented out 10/03/200321/05/2003 Caj
fitslopes Increase max bin number to 2048 and trap too many bin fault 31/01/200331/01/2003 Caj
rdepn correct fault in rdepn, when reading channel Fobs in GHz 28/01/200329/01/2003 Caj
telnames/wrtempo Add Effelsberg to list of telescope names (for inputting data from epn files 27/01/200329/01/2003 Caj
copy/setvar/relch Correct problem with copy or setvar when an extra channel is created, new routine relch remaps data into new lch (channel length) in array 23/01/200329/01/2003 Caj
window Put in check to trap bad (0 or negative) window length 23/01/200329/01/2003 Caj
templates Add 0538+2817 to special bimodal pulsar list! 22/01/200329/01/2003 Caj
sort write pulsar names to file pulsarlist as data is sorted 13/01/200329/01/2003 Caj
setvar Add command "setvar block jflag" 27/11/2002 Caj
Change format for frequency to cope with freq. .gt. 1000MHz 23/09/2002 Caj
wrbinprf Use utm rather than uts if available 27/08/02 Caj
Stop any corrections on Cobra data (will need station clock correction eventually!) 14/08/02 16/08/02 Caj
getshift Some mods in calculation to get  arrival time error ~9/08/02 16/08/02 AGL/GH
aaprof Use the new hdr.utm to contstruct arrival times after getarrtime call 19/07/02 16/08/02 Caj
getpol Not sure... Dimitris' been working on this - Just comments apparently 17/07/2002 19/07/02 DA
average Change default for time break in multiple read from 30 mind to 60 mins 17/07/2002 19/07/02 Caj
avall remove npoff in chp, and make place for time that doesn't  get overwritten. Save mid block uts (hdr.utm) when averaging a time sequence. 10/07/2002 10/07/2002 Caj
wrepn Not dealing correctly with multiple writes to a file (see changes to rwepn v6.1) 27/06/2002 28/06/2002  MK
Getpol Deal with xy pols as though they were lr, results will be IV (!) 07/06/2002 26/06/2002 Caj
Getarrtime Correct fault when "getarrtime freq" fails - it wasn't trhrowing away the freq qualifier, causing scripts to crash 31/05/2002 Caj
Get_tflux Simplify things? 28/05/2002 GH
Add a subroutine readepn and change soft links and Makefile to use "latest" version of epn subroutines, which should be in /psr/lib/SUN. Change rwepn flag to match mod in rwepn version 6.1  15/05/2002 Caj
Autoedit Go back to mthod where nothing added if no 'trigger' command exists in edit buffer eg 'setvar in nch 1' 10/05/2002 Caj
Add two template fitting for 0329+54 for 1400MHz, fixed bugs in tempfit 25/04/2002 Caj
Wrbinprf put bin number check in - changetbin can come back with more than requested 256 bins (bug) 24/04/2002 Caj
Set_freqs if ddudf overidden - recalculate tshift(for 82b data) 12/04/2002 Caj
Avall Do some arithmetic with doubles. We're getting some rounding errors on long integrations 03/2002 Caj
Rejectfft/Get_tflux Remove rejectfft and add get_tflux 26/02/2002 Caj
Fitslopes Return if small number of bins eg ms (blows up otherwise) 08/03/2002 Caj
Rdbin Copy demra and dec to actra and dec if these blank (or if they have the Jcoords - newer data) 18/02/2002 Caj
Avch scale flag for avch - scale to mean dc level 31/10/2001 Caj
Add errorrchecking flag, and errorstatus variable (hdr.flgs(2)), printed with write line flux 13/09/2001 Caj
rejectfft command addedl 16/03/2001 GBH
reject command added 04/07/2000 Caj
Updated 07/06/2002