PSRPROF Standalone Utilities

Name Last Mod Description

getgoodprof 15/03/2007 Provides a list of "good" profiles for use by getgoodbin. Starts from a file of TOAs and an associated .del file. The RF frequencies of the TOAs and their errors can be used to tune the selection further.
The program asks for a name (e.g. psrav) which is used to open a .tpo file and a .del file and write a .good file in the current directory (a path/name can be given if an alternative location should be used). A lower and upper frequency are requested, the deletes in the .del file are flagged and histogram of TOA errors is plotted to allow the final selection by TOA error to be done.
AGL Mar 2007
getgoodbin 15/03/2007 Reads in a bin file and a file of deleted points or kept points eg as produced by getgoodprof. Attempts to match deletes/keeps and writes out "good" points to a new file
Usage: getgoodbin flag filename
The default filename is psrav
If flag is K (or k or keep), will read profiles from filename.bin, will read a file of OK sats (mjd) from filename.good, and output a file of good profiles to filenamegood.bin'
If flag is D (or d or del), will read profiles from filename.bin, will read a file of bad sats (mjd) from filename.del, and output a file of good profiles to filenamegood.bin
strideav 26/8/2006 simple program to make a command file for psrprof to stride uniformly through a data file, averaging the profiles.
base 26/01/1998 program to read .bin data and output for pongo.
ascpol2pgo 14/12/1994 program to read ascpol data and output for pongo
asc2pgo 06/07/1996 A program to convert a PSRPROF ascii profile to one suitable for pongo.
makeobsfreqs 19/7/2001 converts the text OBSFREQUENCIES.DAT file to a binary OBSFREQS.DAT for speed of access
Updated 24/07/2007