How to start cobra's ASPIRE dedispersion code

These notes are to remind of of the details of the aspire software.
(and a bit about the hardware).

The code is all in /raid1/online/Ingrid (sources are in source  and edtstuffxxxx and binaries in bin)

The sequence of the following commands must be repeated per subband of 5MHz.
ADLINK drivers Log into the sampler node as root
Check whether the drivers are loaded by typing lsmod
[root@node1-7 /root]# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
p7300b                 35633   1 
adl_mem_mgr             2632   2  [p7300b]
If these two drivers are not seen, install as follows:
cd /raid1/bjoshi/testsamp/
EDT drivers Use /sbin/lsmod to see if edt driver is loaded.
Module             Size  Used by
edt                    65088   0

If not,  change to su, cd /opt/EDTpcd/ and run edt_load

adl2mem This program should be run as root on each sampler node with an ADLINK  sampler card. It controls the sampler and dumps data into shared memory for the data server process.
edt2mem This program should be run on each sampler node. with an EDT sampler card It controls the sampler and dumps data into shared memory for the data server process.
aspire software All the rest of the software should be run from cobra, using the online account.
use ./cobrastart to set it going. 
It will do one pulsar then stop.
startedt2mem Run on sampler node. Signals adl2mem or edt2mem to arm the sampler card, which will start at the next 10 sec tic. (Must be run as su on sampler nodes with ADLINK cards).
statedt Show the state of the shared memory ring buffer. It should be  run on a sampler node.
soft_scope FFT and time series on buffers from shared memory. Run on a sampler node.
stopedt2mem  Signals adl2mem or edt2mem to stop the sampler card.  Run on a sampler node.
killedt2mem Signals adl2mem or edt2mem to  close down and clean up (run as su for ADLINK - but for some reason doesn't seem to work - use ctrl-c)
Run on sampler node.

Christine Jordan

Created: Nov 19 th 2003