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High Energy Observations


tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Optical, X-ray, tex2html_wrap_inline2816 -ray, UV
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Timing (easy) but S/N poor
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Crab, B0540-69, Geminga, B1509-58, Vela
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Optical - Crab, B0540-69, Geminga, Vela
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   tex2html_wrap_inline2816 -ray - 6 detections, 1 maybe
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Several unidentified Galactic EGRET sources
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   X-ray - 27 pulsars (13 pulsed), 7 msps (3 pulsed)
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   X-ray - 3 thermal surface cooling emission
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   X-rays pulsed, unpulsed or from bow shock


tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Outer gap emission
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Spectra constrain composition of NS atmosphere

Figure 23:

Jon Bell
Thu Dec 19 15:15:11 GMT 1996