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Identification with rotating neutron stars


Basic Lighthouse model
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Gold (1968) [12], Pacini (1968) [28]

White dwarfs no longer viable
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Vela pulsar (P=89ms) discovered [17]
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Crab pulsar (P=33ms) [33]

Vibration of neutron stars no longer viable
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   slow down of Crab pulsar observed [32]
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Age of Crab pulsar age of Crab nebula

Crab pulsar and nebula
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   energy budgets add up [13]

Evidence for beamed radiation observed in Vela
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   position angle swing of polarisation [31]

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