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Annual parallax


Measures change in apparent position resulting from the earths motion around the sun
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   requires radio interferometry
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   MERLIN or VLBI
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   B0823+26 tex2html_wrap_inline4480
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   B0950+08 tex2html_wrap_inline4484
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   B1451-68 tex2html_wrap_inline4488
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   B1929+10 tex2html_wrap_inline4492
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   B1929+10 <4
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Geminga optically

Jon Bell
Thu Dec 19 15:15:11 GMT 1996