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The interstellar medium


tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Refractive index tex2html_wrap_inline4130 for radio waves
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Refractive index is frequency dependent
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Frequency dependant delay in arrival time
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Dispersion Measure - DM




tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Scattering
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Scintillation
tex2html_wrap_inline3922   Faraday Rotation

Figure 7: Dispersed pulses from the Vela pulsar. The bottom trace shown the profile obtained by dedispersing and summing the other traces. The asymmetric nature of the pulse profile is due to interstellar scattering.

Jon Bell
Thu Dec 19 15:15:11 GMT 1996