Notes on running the Multibeam Correlator Software with tkmulti

Or try the ATNF pages especially for more detail on SPD and MBD. 
You will need to use a terminal or computer which supports XWindows and a terminal local to ARTHUR (eg. the Observing room Falco).


Running the telescope interface software on ARTHUR - MULTI The process which moves the telescope and starts triggers the correlator software is called MULTI. It must be run on a local VAX terminal (not from a window in a Unix box). It should be the first process started.


Running the VAX Correlator driving software from a Unix box - MBCORR This software starts multiple processes that configure the correlator, start and stop integrations, collect the correlator output and stash it in RPFITS files. It need an X-windows system, but runs ARTHUR. (It doesn't run very well on the b/w Tektronix terminal - so use a unix box).


Running the scheduling GUI from a Unix Box - tkmulti

Commands for tkmulti

To run a schedule Other tkmulti operations
  • To finish - VERY IMPORTANT Either

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