Livedata and Gridzilla - Reducing rpfits to mscals, then gridding


To get livedata to run, the first thing we have to do is check the environment variables KARMAROOT and KARMABASE have been set to the working version of karma at /home/rms/karma This can be done by typing
printenv  KARMAROOT   
printenv  KARMABASE
To set or change their current settings type:

	setenv KARMAROOT /home/rms/karma
	setenv KARMABASE /home/rms/karma

You can then start livedata.


Once you have the reduced mscals for your cube, you can grid them by typing :
And that should be it!
DCZ, JAH Mar 30 2000
Last modified: Wed Jun 14 17:32:28 BST 2000