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Not much published so far. I am planning to lengthen the list soon.

NAM 2014 poster

NAM 2014 poster (PDF)

Refereed papers

  1. A 33 GHz survey of the Galactic plane from ℓ=27° to 46°
    Todorović M., Davies R.D., Dickinson C., Davis R.J., Cleary K., Génova-Santos R., Grainge K.J.B., Hafez Y.A., Hobson M.P., Jones M.E., Lancaster K., Rebolo R., Reich W., Rubiño-Martín A., José A., Saunders R.D.E, Savage R.S., Scott P.F., Slosar A., Taylor A.C. & Watson R.A.

  2. Anomalous Microwave Emission from the HII region RCW175
    Dickinson C., Davies R.D., Allison J.R., Bond S., Casassus S., Cleary K., Davis R.J., Jones M.E., Mason B.S., Myers S.T., Pearson T.J., Readhead A.C.S., Sievers J.L, Taylor A.C., Todorović M., White G.J. & Wilkinson P.N.

Work in progress:

  1. VSA paper II, title to be decided
    Todorović M., Davies R.D., Dickinson C., Davis R.J (provisional list)
    To be published in MNRAS.


  1. Searching for spinning dust in the VSA Galactic plane survey
    The Young European Radio Astronomy Conference,
    July 28-30, Porto, Portugal

  2. The VSA Galactic plane survey
    Planck workshop: CMB Component Separation and the Physics of Foregrounds,
    July 14-18, 2008, Pasadena, California

  3. Gravitational lensing at sub-arcsecond scales
    National Astronomy Meeting,
    April 2004, Milton Keynes


  1. CMB foregrounds at 33 GHz, 2009

  2. Gravitational lensing on sub-arcsecond scales, 2006