The Adventures of Me

So... here's a photos from my adventures and a bit of info about them. Hope you enjoy them!

Chile & Bolivia 2005
Chile 2006
Minnesota/Ontario 2006
Sutherland 02/2007

(also see my non-astro gallery).

Using these photos:

Previously, I have been contacted about the possibility of these photos being used elsewhere.

If they're used on another website, please make your own copy to avoid bandwidth issues. I'd also be appreciative if you credit "Iain McDonald".

If you wish to use these in a book then I'm happy to let you do that. Please e-mail me (iain 'at' to let me know your intentions. This is partly to let me know where my images are going, and also because I am usually able to provide higher-resolution images, and/or similar photos of the same object.

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