Cosmological Thermalization Project


Many thanks for your interest in `CosmoTherm’, a code to compute spectral distortions of the cosmic microwave background caused by early energy release or photon injection (Chluba & Sunyaev, 2011, MNRAS, 419, 1294). This code should not to be confused with `COSMOtherm', which is used for fluid phase thermodynamics calculations. The site is still under construction. In particular, the release of the main thermalization code ‘CosmoTherm’ is still in preparation (the code is a mess and the documentation far too sparse; at this point it is only distributed on special request). However, for computations of spectral distortions from different energy-release scenarios, the Green’s function method described in Chluba, 2013, MNRAS, 434, 352, should be sufficient. For overview, see section Greens. The corresponding routines can be downloaded here. Please contact me under if you have any questions.