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1. "Finding Pulsars with LOFAR", JBCA Internal Seminar, University of Manchester, November 2009

2. "Pulsars at LOFAR", JBCA internal symposium, Jodrell Bank, June 2010

3. "Low Frequency Pulse Scattering with LOFAR", YERAC 2010, Madrid, July 2010

4. "Low Frequency Observations and the ISM", LOFAR Transients Meeting, Southampton, December 2010

5. "LOFAR, Pulsars and the ISM", Fab Five Fest, Arecibo Observatory, March 2011

6. "LOFAR, Pulsars and the ISM", WVU Seminar, West Virginia University, March 2011

7. "Ultra-Wideband Observations of Pulsars", LOFAR Workshop: First Science with LOFAR, Dalfsen, the Netherlands, September 2011

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