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1. Ben Stappers, Jason Hessels and 92 others including Tom Hassall, "Observing pulsars and fast transients with LOFAR", accepted for publication by A&A April 2011, arXiv:astro-ph/1104.1577v1

Non Refereed
1. Jason Hessels, Ben Stappers, Tom Hassall, Patrick Weltevrede, Anastasia Alexov, Thijs Coenen, Aris Karastergiou, Joeri van Leeuwen, Vlad Kondratiev, Jan David Mol, Michael Kramer, Aris Noutsos, "Early Pulsar Observations with LOFAR", Proceedings of the ISKAF 2010 Science Meeting. June 10 -14 2010. Assen, the Netherlands. Published Online and on arXiv:astro-ph/1009.1758

2. Ben Stappers, Jason Hessels, Anastasia Alexov, Kenneth Anderson, Thijs Coenen, Tom Hassall, Aris Karastergiou, Vlad Kondratiev, Michael Kramer, Joeri van Leeuwen, Jan David,Mol, A. Noutsos, John Romein, Patrick Weltevrede, Robert Fender, Ralph Wijers and The LOFAR Builders List, "Pulsars and Fast Transients with LOFAR", Proceedings of Sardinia Pulsar Conference 2010, Available here

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