NGC 891 as seen at 24 microns by the Spitzer Space Telescope NGC 4214 as seen at 24 microns by the Spitzer Space Telescope NGC 3953 as seen at 24 microns by the Spitzer Space Telescope

Spitzer 24-160 Micron Data for
the Herschel-SPIRE Local Galaxies Guaranteed Time Programs


The data on these webpages represent seven years of work by George Bendo on reprocessing mid- and far-infrared (24-160 micron) data from the Spitzer Space Telescope data archive. The original purpose of this work was to provide data to complement the far-infrared (70-500 micron) data that would be observed by the Herschel Space Observatory, but the data have also been extensively used for other scientific work. The data have been made public so as to maximize their use within the general astronomical community.

Data access

Access from the JBCA website

The images have been divided into separate pages for each Herschel project:

Access from other websites

Data will eventually be made available from the following websites:

References and data use

For general information on these images, please refer to the following paper:

MIPS 24-160 micron photometry for the Herschel-SPIRE Local Galaxies Guaranteed Time Programs
G. J. Bendo, F. Galliano, S. C. Madden
Monthly Notices of the Astronomical Society, in press

The preprint of the paper is accessible from the e-Print archive. The abstract for this paper can currently be accessed from the ADS Abstract Service.

These 24-160 micron data are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. The data may be copied or shared for any purpose as long as the above paper is cited. Click on the icon below for other details on the licensing.

Creative Commons Licence

Information for the general public

The scientific data have been converted into colourized jpg images so that they can be viewed by anyone. These are in the same pixel scale as the original scientific images. Aside from adding false colour and changing the blank pixels to black, the images are the same as the scientific images. In other words, the images have not been edited in any other way.

The scientific images, which are also available on this website, are in an image format called FITS, which is designed for scientific data. The files can be viewed as images using one of the following software packages:

The images are best viewed using "log" scaling (the log option under the "Scale" menu in DS9 or the "log" opion in the pixel mapping window in Aladin). The above programs can be used to convert FITS images into other image formats (jpg, gif, etc.). Alternatively, GIMP can be used to convert fits files to other formats, although creating good images involves adjusting the color curves.

Technical details aboat the data

See the paper up above for details on these images. All images have the following characteristics:

Contact information

For general questions regarding these data or these webpages, please contact:

George Bendo
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University of Manchester
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